Hey IBMi, “You talking to me ?” IBMi talk with Watson (Text_to_speech)


What ? Can I watch Taxi Driver movie on IBMi via Netflix ?

No, but using only RPG and SQL UDF HTTPGETBLOB now you can call an IBM Watson API and transform a generic text (in different languages) in a wav/flac file and play it with a simple STRPCCMD.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I have always been fashinated by IBM Watson and machine learning so, when I see something about IBMi and IBM Watson I have to understand and try.

Some days ago I found an interesting Paul Tuohy’s post (RPG Talk to Watson ) and immediately I downloaded source code and test it on my IBMi … Awsome !, I can translate from different languages a text or a document only with a simple procedure and SQL.

But what IBM Watson can offer to me ? Reading Watson Services page we can find some other interesting services, someone free other for a fee :

We can start with something simple … from text to speech, only with RPG, SQL and a PC to play sounds.

You can download source file here:towatso2d_dspftowatso2_sqlrpgle

Let’s we dig into the code to understand this simple program:

1 – Blob_file SQL Type : is a kind of variables to store a documents or a files (Blob type) but automatically save date in an IFS file : when you declare a xxx  variable as a Blob_File SQL type you can use xxx_Name variable for Path & File name on IFS where content of the variable will be stored. You can choose also if Overwrite or not this IFS file with xxx_FO variable

dcl-s FileWave SQLType(BLOB_FILE);
           FileWave_FO=SQFOVR; // Overwrite


2 – Urlencode : when you deal with URLs you must remember to UrlEncode strings of text, here we use another good SQL UDF:

exec SQL
 values trim(systools.urlencode(:str1, '')) into :str2;


3 – HTTPGETBLOB : Now the core of the program … call Watson Api with HTTPGETBLOB SQL function … we get the result in FileWave variable, is a Blob_file variable so we have our file on IFS-

  exec SQL
 select systools.httpgetblob(:str1, '') xx
 into :FileWave
 from sysibm.sysdummy1;

4 – STRPCCMD: Now we have got our wav file on IFS … let’s we play it from our PC

 Cmd='STRPCCMD PCCMD(''start'+%trim(FileWavePC)+''') PAUSE(*NO)';

Conclusion: here’s another example on HTTPGETCLOB / HTTPGETBLOB functions to be added to other example here in Faq400.com